I Ching - oil/wood 6"x6"

Trained as an architect, my paintings evolve from geometric abstraction in bold and strong colors to abstract architectonic figurations reinforcing The Square, window to the soul.

To escape from the events of this millennium, destructions, violence and cruelty, my work has metamorphosed to a more lyrical abstraction. It is an invite into my secret garden. Here the vision is organic, here the harmony of nature begins. It is a mysterious and passionate garden where the simple beauty of a flower quivering in the wind, the palpitation of a leaf, the majesty of trees in gloomy silent nights, a burst of light spreading across the turbulent lands are pure enchantment, expressing the beauty and the sovereignty of nature.

My paintings translate the outward reflection of the inner nature of things, enter regions of the inconspicuous, illuminate the symbols and phenomena of the world, discover with tenderness their dimension, spirit, and life hidden from our eyes, the continual mystery at the cycle of life, the transcendence of nature.