Tai Chi

TAI JI or TAI CHI is a body discipline of Chinese origin comprised of whole continuous and circulatory motions. The gestures are carried out with slowness, without interruption, offering an awakening of SELF; harmonized IQ (vital energy). It is the meditation of movement.

It was practiced by the first TAOISTS philosophers at the end of MING dynasty and developed with the Shaolin temple in the fifth century. The legend says that monk Chang San Feng who created TAI JI, was inspired by the combat between a Snake and a Crane. The reptile would have triumphed thanks to its flexibility and its rounded movements. TAI JI develops the balance of Yin and Yang, the symbol of the alternation of the polar forces and the internal energy.


A Moment of Serenity- Sumy ink on linen 46"x22"


April Light- Sumy ink on linen 46"x22"


Elevation Mystique - Sumy ink on linen 46"x22"


L'envolee - Sumy ink on linen 46"x22"


Meditation - Sumy ink on linen 46"x22"


Springtime - Sumy ink on linen 46"x22"


La Rencontre - Sumy ink on linen 46"x22"


Song of the Crane - Sumy ink on linen 46"x22"